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So who is Trailbird Running anyway?

Here we are. I'm not sure where "here" is for you but wherever it is I'm glad you stumbled across our little site. I've been asked many times to define what exactly Trailbird Running Co. is, but I find this kind of like asking us to put ourselves in a box. I don't like being in boxes. That's why I spend ungodly amounts of time out on the trails. The business answer (if I had to have one) is that Trailbird Running Co. is involved with events management, media creation, and merchandise sales; but the truth is this company exists to explore, share, and promote all things trail running. We exist to share in the passion projects of trail runners around the world whether it be a love of the outdoors, running community, building awareness for a particular cause or sharing stories. We exist because there is something unique about putting one foot in front of the other that energizes our core in a way not much else can. 

Personally, I started running as a way to escape - a way to run away and gain a sense of freedom and control. There is nothing wrong with this and we all need to let ourselves escape when necessary. It took a while but over time I realized that I could choose to flip this on its head and run towards instead of run away. We can run towards stronger community with events that demonstrate solidarity in the wake of disaster. We can run towards hope by supporting or organizing charity events. We can run towards justice by supporting runners who use their athletic talent as a platform to bring awareness. We can run towards personal health goals, towards friendships, towards adventure and towards a future we help shape. 

My sincere hope is Trailbird Running Co. helps runners run towards...together.

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